What We Do: We make getting your car loan easy!

Getting a car loan doesn’t have to be complicated. Our highly skilled loan advisors will work with you.

Bankruptcy car loans

We can help you get a car loan whether you are entering into, during or just coming out of a bankruptcy. If you are currently under a bankruptcy or possibly have recently just left one and are rebuilding your credit it can be difficult to get a car loan from many lenders. While bankruptcy is indeed detrimental to your credit score, the specialists at 360 Approved can often put together a loan based on your financial situation. Furthermore such a loan can work towards re-establishing your credit as quickly as possible. Our team of experts will work with you to establish an accurate credit and risk profile and will use their industry contacts to match you with the right lender.

Consumer proposal car loans

We have options for automobile financing during a consumer proposal. No matter where you are in the process. Being under consumer proposal means that you have steady income and are making your agreed to payments regularly. Access to reliable transportation is essential to getting to work and being able to stay employed and making your payments. We work with lenders that allow many customers who have taken on a consumer proposal to obtain financing on vehicles.

While this will generally involve stricter guidelines and requires cooperation from our partner dealerships, we can often find you financing and a vehicle that fits the criteria.
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Bad credit car loans

Whether you have bad credit or no credit at all we have options to get you into a newer car with a reasonable payment. Finding you an affordable loan and getting you in a vehicle of your choice is what 360 Approved is all about. If you have previously been turned down but think you should qualify for a car loan, give us a call. Our professional team will work with you to minimize the impact of your credit score and maximize your buying potential. 360 Approved can help!
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Debt consolidation car loans

We can help you consolidate high-interest credit card debt or multiple payments into one simple monthly payment. By rolling your high interest debts into one manageable payment based on a secured car loan you can both improve your financial situation and be driving a new vehicle. Talk to our experts, you may be pleasantly surprised at how they can help get you in a new car and consolidate your various debt payments.
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Car loan refinancing

We can help you refinance your car loan getting you a better rate or better terms than what you are currently paying today. If your employment or earnings situation has recently improved and you are interested in saving money on a current car loan, give us a call.
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