About Us

Why should you deal with the team at 360 Approved?

Well, the first reason is that you start and end with us. We are there for you throughout the whole buying experience. We aren’t a lead generation company. We won’t take all your info and then sell it to another company – or worse, multiple COMPANIES – like the other guys. Companies that do that end up leaving you to get hounded by numerous calls from different people all day long. When you connect with 360 Approved and our credit team, they will stay involved throughout the whole process right through to delivery.

The second reason you should deal with us is inventory we have one of the largest selections of vehicles in BC. Whether you are looking for a car, truck minivan or SUV we either have it in stock, or we can bring one in by the time you are ready to take it away. Import or Domestic, Economy or Exotic we have the right car to fit your needs no matter what your situation. All the vehicles we work with undergo a full safety inspection, lien check and come with a car proof report for peace of mind.

The third reason that we are a TEAM. You aren’t just dealing with a lone sales rep or financial manager like at many other places. Trying to get someone, anyone to approve you for a car loan. Not with us, we work as a group. Our team collaborates with a number of lenders in Canada, and we have great relationships with them. We work on volume, and because of the large number of vehicle loans we place, we can get approvals in situations where clients have been recently turned down at other dealerships. This team effort can also allow us to get more favorable terms and rates than most of our competitors. Plus in some cases, we can get lenders competing for your business which is a win for you and your pocketbook

The final reason is pricing. Our management staff are experts in bringing in high-quality inventory. We only pick the best vehicles to fit our client’s needs and all vehicles we offer come with a safety inspection, lien check, and vehicle history report. Our prices are consistently lower than our competition, and as such, you can rest assured in knowing you are geat a great car at a great price. Buying a car can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be with us.

Best Service Best Selection Best Pricing Best Rates

With 360 Approved you get the best service, best selection, best rates and best pricing and we offer this to you no matter what your location in BC. We also offer free delivery or flights down to our offices in Langley BC. So whether you are looking for a new ride on Vancouver Island, the Okanagan or the Interior. We can help you just as if we were the dealership down the street, ONLY BETTER.

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